• The Grover Arnett Perspective Is a Client Advantage

  • Posted on November 15, 2017
  • The Grover Arnett Law Firm, which is located in Saylersville, Kentucky, specializes in car accident and wrongful death cases, but they really can handle virtually every type of personal injury case. Not all personal injury cases involve physical injury and medical care. For instance, the firm has become a top law firm when it comes to Social Security Disability claims and also for their work in workers' compensation law. They can handle everything and they do it well, as evidenced by their recognition by Martindale-Hubbell as a law firm that performs the highest-quality legal work for their clients while maintaining the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

    One reason Grover Arnett has become so successful and so highly respected is because he is extremely results-oriented. That is a key reason his firm strives to excel in every practice area in which they work. As the Magoffin County Attorney from 1994-1999, Grover established a reputation as an exceptional prosecutor, with a 95 percent conviction rate for DUI offenses, and as part of the team that engineered the largest drug conviction in the county's history. It is that capability, to see cases from all sides, that makes him a great partner to have in any case, and it gives his clients an advantage.

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